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The Classic Greece. Is the founder of the roots of the Western civilization by introducing Philosophy, Democracy, Architecture, most of the sciences known to-day, the Olympic Games and much more. All the country is spotted with Archaeological sites, with the Acropolis of Athens as its crown, proving the glorious past and its achievements.
The Modern Greece. The mainland and the islands, famous all over the world for their natural beauties, the cleanest beaches in the European Community, the Greek style night life and its warm people.

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Greece is bordering the Mediterranean sea between Turkey (206 km boundaries), Bulgaria (494 km), F.Y.R.O.M (228 km) and Albania (1,210 km). The mainland covers a total area of 130,800 sq. km. with a coastline of 13,676 km. and an archipelago of over 2,000 islands.
The official name of the country is Hellenic Republic (short form: Hellas or Greece).
The digraph is GR. The capital is Athens.
The climate is temperate, with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.
The population is 10,564,630 (July 1994) with a growth rate of 0.84%. There are no ethnic divisions in Greece. 98% of the population is of Orthodox Christian religion, 1.3% Muslim and 0.7% other.
The languages spoken are Greek (official), English and French or German.
Time Difference : GMT+2hours
Communications: Government owned railroads (2,479 km), roads and highways (38,938 km), 77 airports (7 support international flights) and inland waterways (80km).
Telecommunications include adequate, modern networks that reach all areas.
Language is no barrier to foreign travel, but it helps to know a few of the more common phrases. It's fun to try and the fact that you have made the effort is appreciated by the people of the country.
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travel where the sun is...

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